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Waterville was a favourite holiday destination the late Charlie Chaplin, he loved the area so much that he returned year after year. The regard with which he held Waterville and in which Waterville held him is apparent years on because the local community development group along with the Chaplin family erected a monument to his memory on the promenade that runs along the main street in Waterville. One of his favourite pastimes whilst holidaying on the Ring of Kerry was fishing and angling which Waterville and the surrounding areas are renowned for.

In 2011 the people of Waterville with the support of Josephine Chaplin, along with many other benefactors, friends and the local business community held the very first annual Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival.

Waterville, the Kerry seaside village that Charlie Chaplin loved, will continue to hold this Festival to honour the life and work of the master comedian and filmmaker, whose legacy remains both relevant and influential to comedy today

Click Here for the Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival Website.