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Coomanaspig Well

On the side of the road, one will find the Coomanaspig Well / Tobar Chúm an Easpaig. The well is defined by two side slabs and a covering lintel, on the upper surface of which is a faintly incised linear cross. A short paved path leads to the well, with one of its slabs featuring a deeply incised cross. An upright slab in front of the well, measuring .6m X .35m, is similarly incised. The site is also known as St. John’s Well and is referred to by An Seabhac(1954) as the Well of the Nine Bishops (Tobar na Naoi nEaspag). Rounds were formerly made here on the 29th September as part of the turas or pilgrimage which commenced at the pattern held at St. Michael’s well Dungeagan [E. of Ballinskelligs], and which also involved visits to St. Buonia’s Well and St. Finan’s Well, both in the Glen [at St. Finan’s Bay].