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Early Christian Sites in The Glen

Left off the road at St.Finians Bay is the Kilaboona Oratory. It is an exceptionally interesting early Christian site, which pilgrims still visit today. There is a Gallarus type Oratory with clochans, crosses and graves. To the west of the settlement is a well that is dedicated to Naomh Buaine (St.Buaine).

Killemlagh Church ruins which was originally built in the 12th or 13th Century on the site of St. Finians original monastery. The old church was an Irish Romanesque structure and attached to it is a latter parish church. South of the church is the “Pagan’s Grave”, an unusual enclosure of standing stones, 18ft x 11ft. Killemlagh Church has more recently been replaced by the Glen Church that currently stands there.

Éisc an Aifrinn is a Mass Rock, used in Penal times located in townland of Aghort.

Dún Canuig Promontory, this is located in the townland of Cloghanecanuig.