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Glenbeigh Horse Racing

Rossbeigh Strand Races:

A regular event on the beach was the Rossbeigh Strand Races, John Millington Synge, gave a very descriptive account of the events there. “The races had to be run between two tides while the sand was dry, so there was not much time to be lost, and before we reached the strand, the horses had been brought together, ridden by young men in various variations of jockey dress. For the first race there was one genuine racehorse, very old and boney, and two or three young horses belonging to farmers in the neighbourhood. The start was made from the middle of the crowd at the near end of the strand, and the course led out along the edge of the sea to a post some distance away, back to the starting-point, round a post and out and back once more.”

Glenbeigh Racing Festival

This very strong tradition still exists in Glenbeigh during the month of August when they hold a festival in the village. It is a major event in the village and locals and visitors alike flock to enjoy the races, the festivities, the music and of course… the craic.