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Illaunloughan – Early Christian Site

There are many archelogical sites in Portmagee, including Illaunloughan/St. Loughan’s Island off Portmagee. It was inhabited by monks in Early Christian times, on the edge of the Atlantic and was surmised to have been in existence from the later part of the 7th century to the 9th.

Evidence that was found in Illaunloughan, leads us to believe that the construction of drystone oratories.and leachta (flat marked stone) took place in the 8th Century. The community were also thought to have used the eastern quad as a graveyard at some point. This is also an indication that the custom (Christian) of burying people near saints was alive at the time.

Illaunloughan also revealed other new information, such as the construction of sod oratories, the casting and designing of fine metalwork on small sites and the practise fosterage of exceptionally young children on monastic islands.