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Koffy Artisan Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2006 by our two Master Roasters- William and Tony with over 30 years collective experience producing speciality coffees, they started business as “North South Coffee Ltd”. In the Summer of 2008, as demand for their freshly roasted coffees grew, the business relocated into a new larger facility, located along the M1 six miles north of Dundalk. Our Roastery is now equipped with the latest state of the art coffee roasting and packing equipment.

We source and roast 100% ‘Arabica beans’ from single farms and estates around the Equatorial regions of the world.

They look for unique coffees with special flavour profiles to enhance their blends with the taste characteristics of nuts, fruit, chocolate and caramel . They forge lasting relationships with individual growers to ensure that their coffee beans are Ethically produced using Sustainable methods to produce Quality product.

The is open to the public and from our Factory Espresso Bar, coffee lovers can see the entire process of transforming the raw green beans into freshly roasted blends.

In 2007/2008 the company was awarded 3 Gold Medals by the Guild of Fine Foods for House Blend, Espresso One and Monsoon Espresso.

Call by and taste our unique Espresso and Filter Coffees, 50 minutes drive North of Dublin on the M1, Carrickcarnon Exit.


There are few people in the world capable of blending for a great espresso coffee. A fine art that may seem common in all coffee manufacturers but in fact, this art is an understated rarity and not at all common place in a large majority of coffee manufacturers in Ireland.

Our two senior roastmasters have gathered over 30 years of experience in this field. It is this combined knowledge that separates our award winning coffees from the rest. We only use Grade 1 Arabica Beans. This ensures quality and consistency throughout our coffee blends. An espresso cup made from only Grade 1 Arabica is the ultimate coffee experience.

Arabica beans deliver a supreme body, mild acidity and a rich pleasant aftertaste. This results from the aromatic oils that first release a tremendous mingling of flavours then a smooth aftertaste. Our roasting and blending techniques never fall short of our own standards and this is mirrored in the complexity of all our blends.


We manufacture a superior speciality coffee. However, we are forever aware that the last step in achieving the perfect cup occurs not in our roastery, but in the training we provide for our customers.

A perfect cup of coffee is the result of a number of important steps and procedures. No one can prepare a good espresso without a natural Arabica coffee blend. However, we also realise that barista training is the key element in preparing the perfect cup.

A visit to ‘The Espresso Bar’ in Koffy will always guarantee a perfect cup of coffee. Here you will find all machines and grinders set up to respond perfectly to our coffee.

Whether at our training facility or in-house, we work closely with every customer to develop the simple techniques needed to ensure a consistency that your own customers will appreciate.


Without a well maintained machine, the full potential of our coffee will not be achieved. With a base of independent , qualified service engineers throughout Ireland, we endeavor to offer that degree of quality service that our customers expect.


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Website http://www.koffy.ie