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Welcome to Perryscope. We provide elevated photography services for all needs. From low-level aerial surveys and landscape photography for golf courses and tourism to event photography and architectural photography for commercial needs. We are specialists in providing high quality high definition photography which will enhance your website, brochure, print ads or even TV adverts.

Why Aerial Photography When You Can Have Aerial Mast Photography?

There are certain aerial photos that can only be delivered by a photographer in a light aircraft, such as images of whole towns or villages. However there is a large percentage of aerial photography that can be delivered using an alternative method. Aerial Mast Photography is an excellent alternative to aerial photography. Not only is it logistically simpler,(our jeep is easily driven off road and all areas within reason can be accessed) it is also significantly cheaper and far more eco-friendly. Images of individual buildings or specific landmarks, which aerial photographers have to use telescopic/zoom lenses to capture, can easily be taken with our 73ft/22.5m telescopic mast. In fact some images, such as beautiful shots of fairways taken just above tree lines, would not be possible using aerial photography and would otherwise require extensive lifting equipment!

Quality Elevated Photography
So if you are looking for landscape photographers, architectural photography, an event photographer or any other type of elevated photography, let our aerial mast photography service deliver the shots you need.


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