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Sneem & Parknasilla – Tourism Hotspot

Brightly-coloured shops and houses surround the manicured lawns and gardens of Tidy Towns winner Sneem, a popular family holiday destination. Few villages are surrounded by the same rugged beauty as the picturesque village of Sneem which is neatly set on the shore of Kenmare bay and on the estuary of the Ardsheelaun River. The village boasts beautifully manicured squares and gardens and is the winner of several National Tidy Towns Awards. Gaily painted houses and shops surround the beautiful landscaped greens. The village derives its importance from the proximity to some fine mountain and river scenery.

The village is also home to a sculpture park featuring international works by a variety of artists, a Geo-Park exploring local geology, a sensory garden, riverside wildlife trail and a rare coral beach, one of only two in the country. Nearby is the village of Parknasilla, set in a beautiful location between the sea and wooded hills and famous for its subtropical vegetation.


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