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St.Finian’s Bay ( The Glen)

On the Skellig Ring, just off the Ring of Kerry lies one of the hidden gems of KerrySt. Finian’s Baycommonly called the Glen, stretches from Duchalla head in the south to Puffin Island in the North encompassing Skellig Rocks and the Lemon Rock.  From Portmagee travelling east on the R567 taking in spectacular views from the top of Coomanaspig (1,080 ft/330m) out onto the Skelligs Rock and Puffin Islandand on a clear day you can see the Dingle and Beara Peninsulas.

Why not stop and enjoy the view here before descending to the Glen? The pier in St.Finians bay is a popular launch pad for divers exploring the underwater world of wonder that surrounds the Skelligs Rock.

The are got its name from St. Finian, a man who lived in the 10th century and travelled from Skelligs to Keel frequently to say mass. St. Finian had a monastery at Keel but the area is much older than that era. There is evidence of habitation from the bronze age and there are many souterrains, galtans and the remains of an earthen fort at Rathkerin.

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